Barge and Tugs

As a lot of opportunities opened up after few voyages, we have purchased our own set of Tug & Barge GPR Bheema and GPR Samudra for which we have invested huge amount as it will facilitate us to carry out our operations with ease and on time and 2 or 3 sets are in the pipeline. Now to cater to the existing requirement, we are leasing barge and tug boats locally,on along-term lease basis.

GPR Bheema (tug) is of 2400BHP & GPR Samudra (Barge) which has the capacity to load about 3500 MT, this set will behaving regular routing from Tuticorin to Islands in Maldives.They can travel between lagoons of lower draft which is the main reason for using barges for our operations. We are one of the few companies to own a barge and Tug.